Cricketer life after retirement from international cricket.

Cricketer life after retirement
Cricketer life after retirement
Here we discuss cricketer life after retirement. Cricketer today gets paid a handsome amount but before that was not the case. They usually will be paid per game are like a monthly salary. Because of that many cricketers took up some all jobs. Some of them were so ought. That you have people dealing in cocaine to people who became the prime minister. Some cricketer life stories are so inspiring.

Today we’re going to list down the top ten cricketer life after retirement.
1. Chris Lewis a talented former England cricketer. One step as the next Ian Botham. Lewis played in thirty-two tests and fifty-three one day internationals for England from 1990. He was jailed in 2009 for thirteen years for smuggling liquid cocaine valued at more than a hundred and forty thousand pounds into British.

2. Jack Russell was a handy wicketkeeper-batsman for England. In his test career, he executed one sixty-five dismissals. While scoring one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven runs. A private personal outside the game, Russell was always passionate about Art. After cricket retirement, he opened a gallery called the Jack Russell gallery. He plans on a wide range of subjects including wildlife, military, and sports.

3. Andrew Flintoff, one of the finest All rounder in international cricket. Flintoff has been a key member of the England cricket team. He has also participated in the IPL after retiring from the national team. Before drifting into an entirely different career in professional Boxing. Flintoff Six feet for put an end to all apprehensions regarding his career choice by beating down America’s Richard Dawson on professional boxing debut.

4. Adam Holioake fourteen years ago he was captain of the England one day cricket team. In 2012 after a spectacular fall from grace Holioake appeared in court over millions of pounds of Debt from a disastrous property venture. Bankrupt the forty-year-old took up to keep fighting in an attempt to create some money together.

5. Arshad Khan probably one of the most unfortunate turns of events for a talented international cricketer. Arshad Khan Pakistan’s right-handed batsman and a useful right-arm bowler showed potential on various occasions. However, having been dropped from the team no have been able to make it back. Khan moves to Sydney Australia for a new beginning. However, this new beginning was a career as a cab driver in the streets of Sydney.

6. Chris old was a regular figure in the English bowling attack from 1972 to the early eighties. He made his debut in Kolkata in December 1972. His first wicket was of the great Sunil Gavaskar. He picked up six wickets in the match and scored fifty runs across both the innings. But ended up on the losing side as India the match won by 28 runs. After retirement, he ran a fish and chips restaurant with his wife Letitia.

7. Curtly Ambrose wants to West Indies to beat England for 46 runs. He was one of the most lethal fast bowlers in the world. Then Ambrose has metamorphosed into the still in a band.

8. Joginder Sharma the magic last over specialist. Joginder Sharma was the man who brought in the young Indian team in their first T20 WorldCup  2007 with his fantastic bowling spell. He throws the final over of the final match between India and Pakistan. However after that Sharma’s Cricketing career never really flourished as expected. Today he serves as a DSP in Haryana Police. Well, At least he’s serving the nation in a noble way.

9. Sadagoppan Ramesh is an Indian former cricketer. From opening the innings with top in the investment representing India in high-voltage competition. Sadagoppan Ramesh has now become an actor in Tamil movies. His public profile on Google shows the Indian film actor and not former Indian cricketer. Well, he is 41 his name has gone from the commentary box to the box office.
10. Nathan asleep was a swashbuckling Batman, a decent bowler. Soon after quitting cricket, he took to his sprint car driving. Nathan turned to race driving which was his passion even during his cricketing day.
11. Henry Willunga was a Zimbabwean cricketer who has played around big names such as Paul strand, Head streak, Andy flower, and grant flower. After retirement from cricket, he is busy in singing songs. Well, singing was not a new passion for him he has done that since the age of thirteen in an interview he once said: “I started at the age of thirteen when I was cast as a girl for a play called Oklahoma”.
12. Chris Karin’s looked like a superstar on the page he batted like a genius, balls like any other leading bowler and now he is washing bus stands for living. You heard that just right he is currently driving trucks in cleaning bus shelters for 17 dollars in our 2-foot legal expenses. 

13. Mike Brealey’s record in test cricket as a batsman was mediocre. But he was an outstanding captain. He captained England in thirty-one out of thirty-nine test matches. Winning seventeen and losing only four. Since his retirement from professional cricket, he has pursued a career as a writer and psychoanalysis. Even serving as the president of the British psychoanalytical society.

14. Imran Khan was The finest cricketer Pakistan has ever produced. He was one of the best all-rounders in the world. He made himself into an all-rounder captain Pakistan and rounded off his career with 1992 WorldCup. After retirement, he remained a high profile figure with his marriage too. Now he has become the prime minister.

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