JP Duminy wife Sue Duminy

Every great man has a strong partner beside him, and for South African cricket star JP Duminy, that person is his wife, Sue Duminy. Sue Duminy, formerly known as Sue Erasmus, comes from a family deeply involved in sports, with her dad coaching cricket. Her love for the game became a connection point when she met JP.

The Meeting and Romance: 

JP Duminy and Sue Erasmus crossed paths through mutual friends, quickly discovering a shared love for cricket that deepened their connection. Their bond blossomed into a captivating romance, laying the foundation for a lifelong partnership.

The Wedding Day: 

In March 2011, JP Duminy and Sue Duminy exchanged vows in a mesmerizing ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa, surrounded by loved ones. It marked the beginning of their journey as husband and wife, filled with love, commitment, and shared dreams.

Supporting JP’s Career: 

Sue Duminy emerged as JP Duminy’s unwavering pillar of support throughout his illustrious cricketing career. From cheering him on in the stands to providing steadfast encouragement during challenging times, her presence has been instrumental in JP’s success on the field.

Philanthropic Ventures: 

Together, JP Duminy and Sue Duminy founded the JP21 Project, a charitable initiative dedicated to uplifting underprivileged communities through sports and education. Sue’s compassionate nature and dedication to giving back have been instrumental in making a positive impact on countless lives.

Family Life: 

Despite JP Duminy’s demanding cricket schedule, family remains a top priority for the couple. With two adorable daughters, Isabella and Alexa, Sue Duminy ensures their family life is filled with love, balance, and cherished moments, amidst JP’s professional commitments.


Sue Duminy stands not only as JP Duminy’s wife but also as his partner, supporter, and best friend. Their remarkable journey, from their initial meeting to the creation of their beautiful family, exemplifies a profound bond fortified by mutual respect and unwavering devotion. With Sue by his side, JP Duminy not only shines as a cricketing luminary but also as a man enriched by love and life’s blessings.

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