South African lesbian marriage cricketers.

In this post, we talk about South African lesbian marriage cricketers. We also talk about Australian lesbian cricketers and New Zealand lesbian cricketers.

First, we describe what is the meaning of the word “Lesbian”. In simple words, Lesbian means that a woman is married to another woman. This is a rule in different countries that a woman or man can marry the same gender. So there are lot of women who married other women. There are also a lot of men who married other men instead of women.

There are some lesbian cricketers in different countries like Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. So here we discuss some women who are international cricketers and they marry other women instead of men. So here is the list of different International female lesbian cricketers.

South African lesbian marriage cricketers.

Dane van Niekerk and Marizanne Kapp are South African lesbian marriage cricketers. Both these women are South African All-Rounder and married with each other in 2018. After marriage, Marizanne Kapp spread this news through Social media to their fans.

Both cricketers are the leading wicket-takers of the South African women cricket team. They also made a great batting partnership on different occasions. They also made a partnership in real life as husband-wife and they are happy with it.

Australian lesbian cricketers

Australian woman cricketer Megan Schutt is married to a girl Jess Holyoake. Jess Holyoake is not a cricketer but Megan Schutt is an Australian fast bowler who started his career in 2012.

Jess Jonassen is another Australian All-Rounder who married with a woman Sarah Wearn. Sarah Wearn is not a cricketer.

Alexandra Joy is another Australian lesbian cricketer who married Lynsey Askew. Lynsey Askew belongs to England and she is not a cricketer.

New Zealand lesbian cricketers

Amy Satterthwaite and Lea Tahuhu both are the New Zealand cricketer who married with each other. Amy Satterthwaite is an All-Rounder and Lea Tahuhu is a very talented fast bowler.

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