Shia Cricketers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, etc.

In this post, we talk about Shia Cricketers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, etc.

There are some Shia cricketers in the world. If we talk about International Shia cricketers then there is some ratio of players in Muslim countries cricket teams are Shia. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are the only Muslim countries, cricket teams.

Shia in Pakistan is just 20 percent of the total population of Pakistan. There is also the same ratio of Shia in Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Shia cricketers in Pakistan cricket team

Here is the list of Pakistani Shia cricketers is available. Pakistani Shia cricketers are the most powerful Shia cricketers compare to other countries. Pakistan’s cricket team is the No.1 Muslim cricket team in all formats of cricket. Shia cricketers in Pakistan are known for their Shia names. There are many articles and videos on youtube about Pakistani Shia cricketers. But no one of them is 100% confirm. These articles and videos show some cricketers and say that they are Shia cricketers. They judge them by their names.

Pakistani fast bowler Hassan Ali is known to be Shia on different websites due to his name Hassan. This is not a piece of true information because he belongs to Ahl-e-Hadees Maslak. Some other players like former cricketer Mohsin Hassan Khan, Pakistan test captain Azhar Ali, well-known commentator Ramiz Raja, Spin bowler Shadab Khan, wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider, Zaheer Abbas, and some other cricketers are also known as Shia cricketers in Pakistan in different websites and videos but this is not a piece of true information. Azhar Ali and Shadab Khan are confirmed, Sunni cricketers. We found this information that they are Sunni when they are offering their prayers.

Shia cricketers in Bangladesh

Shia players in Bangladesh cricket the team are almost 20 percent. Bangladesh is the second most successful Muslim cricket team. Shia cricketers in the Bangladesh cricket team are Rubel Hussain, Mashrafe Mortaza, and Shakib al Hasan. This is also not a piece of true information because Shakib al Hasan is a confirmed Sunni cricketer and mostly Bangladeshi cricketers are found to be Sunni Muslim.

Shia cricketers in India

If we talk about Indian Shia cricketers. We find nothing in the Indian cricket team because most of the Indian cricketers are Hindu. Sometimes just one player in the Indian cricket team is found a Muslim player. So we will not find any Shia cricketers in India.

Shia cricketers in Afghanistan

Afghanistan cricket team is the third-best Muslim cricket team in the world. In Afghanistan, there is a ratio of 10 to 15 percent population is Shia. There are some cricketers in Afghanistan who are Shia.

Here are some questions available for you which are searched on Google.

Is Shadab Khan Shia or Sunni?

Shadab Khan is a Sunni Muslim.

Is Babar Azam Shia or Sunni?

Babar Azam is a Sunni Muslim

Is Ramiz Raja Shia or Sunni?

Not Known

Is Haider Ali cricketer Shia or Sunni?

Not Known

Is Azhar Ali Shia or Sunni?

Azhar is a Sunni Muslim.

Is Hassan Ali Shia or Sunni?

Hassan Ali is not a Shia or Sunni. He belongs to Ahle-Hadees.

Is Shakib al Hasan Shia?

Shakib al Hasan is a Sunni Muslim.

Which cricketer is Shia?

Not Known.

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